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發表發表於: 星期一 九月 16, 2013 3:29 pm    文章主題: Mano 引言回覆

I heard a lot of fanfare about this place before it opened its door to the public a week or so ago. What I mostly hear is there is a new guy wants to open a coffee place in Sheung Wan with two Synesso machines, one three group and one two group machine. This gotta be big!

The place was funded by Korean investors and setup mostly by caucasian. In the coffee issue, Rob Dunne of is the man behind the coffee that is of coffee lover interest. Read here for who he is

Let start with my usual suspect, Cappuccino which is made of No Surprise blend from Coffee Libre of Korea (in case you wonder why Libre, it's inspired by Nacho Libre - the small guy to fight with corporate, I was told by one of my movie lover friend) This is expected to be a mainstay for milk drink at Mano and you see robusta in the blend on Coffee Libre website but I didn't get much of it and, to me, this is a 'surprise' though some told me Mano managed to ask for no Robusta in the lot sent to Mano. I doubt whether this is the case.

No Surprise by Coffee Libre

El Salvador Nombre de Dios 20%
Honduras Cerro Azul 20%
India Attikan 30%
Nicaragua Natural 15%
India Croog Robusta 15%

The cup of coffee reminded me of Coco Espresso ie a little bit of this and that. Somewhat sweet with some texture at the right temperature with a really tiny little hint of dark tone I can say chocolate almost on the dirty side toward the end but not. The overall tone is easy and smooth, should work well with general crowd, and like coco espresso, a good start for beginner on how to appreciate good coffee but without the strong Sumatra kick though coco is tastier overall. You decide which one to start your journey on seriously good coffee. Prepared by Rob Dunne.

The espresso blend will be changed over time and that's what the "guest espresso blend" on the webboard is all about. This time it is "Bad Blood" blend by Coffee Libre

Bad Blood blend

India Attikan 40%
Guatemala Ixil A’achimbal 30%
Honduras Cerro Azul 30%

At the time I had the coffee I didn't know all these details but the taste in the cup feels very generic in taste for espresso as if it's brazil/Colombia base with a hint of central and/or Yirgh. Turn out this is Central American dominated cup of coffee. Sweet fleshy acidic fruit but subdue cup overall nothing is really pushing it but you got a sweet fruit all the way. Standard good coffee but can be bored. Good thing is there is no dirty back and this tell me why the milk drink tastes smooth. Good for general public to get into good coffee. Nothing is wrong in the pull though which is good. Pulled by Rob Dunne.

In a way, this pulled style reminds me of what Johnson Ko of Coco Espresso delivered in the past ie in 2008-2009, ie smooth easy cup. Some call this style "lady" espresso but the blend at Coco didn't shine much this way and I prefer what the style of coffee delivered by Johnson lately more, ie more forward and tastier.

I order filtered coffee n the waitress is not clear about how the coffee was made. Just mentioned a machine which is similar to hand drip. Turn out I am having coffee from Technivorm auto drip. Considering this is machine it is much better than I expect.

The Yirgh, I believe it is this one Ethiopia Yirghacheffe Washed Chelba has a clear blueberry note in there and sweet though the cup is quite tight maybe frm up dosing but nothing is really wrong but no way it matched hand drip I have out there. Nevertheless it is relatively clean n good enough for beginner to good coffee with long and nice aftertaste no dirtiness. Not bad. Other coffee choices will change over time and the current rotation is from one of the best roaster in Hong Kong who scores in an outstanding point range from [url][/url] so whatever you pick will likely lead you to a good cup of coffee

Notice two Synesso, one three group n the other two group. Synesso helps a lot on the cup clarity, accentuating the sweetness in the coffee upfront. This is the machine I suggest one to get if affordability is not an issue!

But this to me is what is important on this post. As most said, espresso pulled by other barista at the shop, in my case a Korean barista I believe, delivered a much more aggressive cup. Grapefruit was there with some nut n lasting floral ish aroma I couldn't describe. Different, light up the score card well with lots of taste but I won't call it delicious. This is totally different from Rob's cup I had and I can't recognize the coffee at all.

Which bring me to the point of this post. If you want to get how a British barista interpret the coffee, you gotta go visit Rob Dunne as soon as possible. He is likely to be here for this week and it's more likely that this soft simple easy cup profile will be gone for good after Rob left. We will be left with a more aggressive cup which we are quite used to, a so-called "Hong Kong" style coffee or whatever it is. In a way, the easy style makes all coffees no matter good or bad roaster a joy to drink but for a good roaster a more aggressive forward pull nothing to hide kinda coffee will deliver a better cup quality, ie good material needs to be showed better. At this point in time, try Counter Culture Coffee at The Cupping Room and you understand what the good coffee is, in my humble opinion

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